Monday, March 28, 2011

What I'm looking forward to...

My VERY favorite hobby is working in my yard and my Very favorite season is SPRING so therefore my favorite flowers are SPRING Flowers (especially tulips)
These first 2 pictures are of the first year our yard was finished so the flowers are a little more sparse.

 This picture (below) is last year, things have filled in much better. I'm looking forward to seeing them all THIS year!

Christmas is next....

These pictures are from a couple years ago. 
I wanted to keep my mantle simple with an emphasis on our Savior.

Our Santa tree. I have been collecting Santa Claus ornaments ever since just after we were married. I LOVE my slim line tree. It doesn't take up much space, but it's appealing to the eye (in my opinion) ;)

My THANKSGIVING decorations...

Ok guys, I guess I have to have a starting point and these pictures are the first ones I came across. I got a few new things this year and a few new Ideas also! I took some of my decorations to a service auction in my ward (I was in charge of decorating) and a few people tried to buy my stuff! Sorry ladies, NOT FOR SALE.. :)

I grew these pumpkins for Halloween and they looked darling around one of my flower beds but I decided to bring them in and change their color. Then I added a little flare.. 

I found this pumpkin (the metal one) at the DI for 2 bucks! 
Kind of a funny story... I basically talked another lady out of buying it by telling my mom (really loud so the lady could hear) Those are cute but way hard to decorate with.... So she put it down and I SNAGGED IT! Later that lady came up to me and said "that is such a cute pumpkin...) hehehe... 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My New Blog...

The main reason for this blog is kind of lame. I take pictures of hobbies I have and then those pictures just sit in my camera because I don't want to print them out! So here goes nothing!