Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Wreath

This is my latest Halloween Craft

So simple to make! I bought a green foam wreath at Michaels with my half off coupon.(they're also available at Walmart, in white, for $4.50)
You will need 6 yards total of tulle
I bought 4 yards regular black
1 yard of black netting tulle 
1 yard of purple tulle
*if you are hanging it with tulle, you will also need another 1/2 yard of your choice

~Spray paint the wreath black
~Cut the tulle in strips between 2-3 inches
(I cut it width wise)
~Fold each strip in half twice 
~Pull the looped end under the wreath and pull the other end through the loop
~Adjust the knot to the outside of the wreath and continue around the wreath
~Every 3rd or 4th strand, use the bigger netting to give texture
(I made the strands shorter and didn't double them so they would stick out beyond the other tulle)
~Cut the purple tulle in short strips and place wherever you would like to have the stripes
~ I got my spider at Shopko last year on clearance, be creative and embellish with what you like! 
I hope these directions are somewhat clear! Next time I'll try to take step by step pictures..