Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

 These are my (simple) Easter decorations for 2011
I decided to go with a blue theme in my small entry. I have the wreath up for a few holidays because I love it so much!  

The wreath is made from old books and put together like a pinata. My husband says it looks like a bunch of garbage.. What does he know eh?

 I Got all of this stuff, including the cupboard, second hand.(excluding the picture of course) 
 I try to put new pictures in this frame for every holiday. It is so fun to include my growing son in my decorating. I'm a huge fan of surrounding myself with the things I love and what do I love more than my little guy and my husband?
 My mantle... Sorry its so dark, I should have taken a picture at a better time of day!
The only "craft" I made for Easter this year. I got a chip board Basket at the scrapbook store, Added some paint and Scrapbook paper and ta da! I filled it with painted chip board eggs.

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  1. Nick ruined my wreath :( He started doing demolition with it still on the table and it got crazy dusty. So I got after him and he put it out back to dust it off and forgot about it! real cool. I'm excited to get decorating again, I'm gonna need your help in a major way ;)